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Maytronics  |  SKU: 9995678-US-ASSY

Maytronics Dolphin 180W Power Supply 9995678-US-ASSY w/ Timer

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1/2-Year Warranty ✅

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Description - Maytronics Power Supply (9995678-US-ASSY)

1/2-Year Warranty!

Maytronics 9995678-US-ASSY Dynamic Power Supply with filter indicator light and weekly timer.

6 Month Manufacturer Warranty as an authorized retailer of Maytronics Dolphin

Compatible with the following Dolphin Pool Cleaners:

  • Dolphin Wave 50 115v Cb
  • Dolphin Edge
  • Dolphin Wave 75
  • Dolphin Deluxe 5 Trevi
  • Dolphin Edge Dyn (New)
  • Dolphin Heavy Duty 115v Pvc
  • Dolphin Dx4 115v Cb
  • Dolphin Wave 75 115v Cb
  • Dolphin Supreme M5
  • Dolphin Apollo Windo
  • Dolphin Triton Plus
  • Dolphin Dlx4 115v Cb
  • Spectra Light Premier Cb
  • Dolphin Bio Pvc Us
  • Dolphin M400
  • Dolphin Dx4 Dyn (New)
  • Dolphin Supreme M4 115v Cb Us
  • Dolphin Apollo 115v Cb
  • Dolphin Discovery
  • Pentair Prowler 830
  • Dolphin Dx6 115v Cb 2013
  • Dolphin Apollo Plus Cb
  • Dolphin Dx4s Leslie's Internet
  • Dolphin Dx5+s Leslie's Internet
  • Dolphin Neptune Plus
  • Dolphin Apollo Plus W/ Pro Remote

Why Buy Genuine Products?

As an authorized Maytronics dealer, EZ Pools strongly recommends using only genuine Maytronics parts for your pool cleaner. There are several reasons why it is important to use authentic parts, rather than cheaper knock-off options. Poolweb only sells genuine Maytronics parts that are new from the factory. 

Using genuine Maytronics parts will ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your pool cleaner. These parts have been specifically designed and manufactured to work seamlessly with Maytronics cleaning systems, providing the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining your pool.

1/2-Year Warranty from Maytronics

This product is eligible for a 1/2-year warranty from Maytronics, when purchased through an Authorized Online Retailer. EZ Pools is an authorized retailer of Maytronics.

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