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Pool Filters

Up to 25% off select pool filters & filter combos. Get 2 LBS of Shock for FREE with any order of a pump or salt cell!
  • Cartridge Filters

    View our wide selection of Cartridge Filters from Trusted Brands.

  • Sand Filters

    View our wide selection of Sand Filters from Trusted Brands. Top Mount & Side-Mount models available.

  • D.E. Filters

    View our wide selection of D.E. Filters from Trusted Brands. Compatible with Slide Valves or Multi-Port Valves.

  • Filter Media

    View our selection of Filter Media. Glass Media, Filter Sand, Pea Gravel, D.E., & more.

  • Filter Combos

    Great for above-ground pools or smaller in-ground pools. Filter Combos are the best bang for your buck!

  • Filter Valves

    View our wide selection of filter valves for sand & D.E. filters.

  • Replacement Cartridges

    Replacement Cartridges for all makes & models of filters.

  • Pressure Gauges

    Top-Mount & Back-Mount pressure gauges available to fit any pump room environment.

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