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Hayward Automatic Cleaners

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  • Chlorine Tabs

    Industry Standard 3" Chlorinating Tablets from Nu-Clo. Guranteed to keep your pool crystal clear all summer long!

  • Pool Shock

    Save NOW on Pool Shock! The fastest-acting type of chlorine is great for removing combined chlorine, or just routine chlorination.

  • Calcium Plus

    Raise the calcium hardness reading of your pool to make sure you don't have any staining or scaling!

  • Alkalinity Up

    Raise the alkalinity of your pool water to ensure perfect pH stabilization

  • Stabilizer / CYA

    CYA is 'Sunscreen for your Chlorine'. It helps prevent Chlorine being burnt off from the Sun's UV Rays

  • Specialty chemicals

    Whether you need Clarifier, Algaecide, Stain & Scale, Flocculants, or any other specialty chemicals, EZ Pools has you covered!

  • pH Down

    pH or Alkalinity too high? Use pH down to get that alkalinity or pH level back into range!

  • Pool Salt

    Food-Grade Pool Salt for any Salt Pool!

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