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SpaPure Oxidizing Shock | Chlorine-Free


Chemical Type: Non-Chlorine Shock

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The SpaPure Oxidizing Shock is a potent oxygen-based oxidizer designed to remove non-microbial contaminants and bather waste efficiently. Suitable for use on all spa surfaces, it offers the significant advantage of not causing fading or bleaching. Additionally, its application does not increase levels of chlorine, calcium hardness, or cyanuric acid.

Key Highlights:

  • Chlorine-free composition.
  • Enhances water clarity.
  • Targets and eliminates bather waste along with other non-microbial contaminants.

** Comes in 5 lb bucket or 2.2lb bottles

Directions & Dosage - spapure oxi shock

Important Safety and Application Instructions:

  • Do Not Mix Products: Never combine different products in the same container. Mixing chemicals can lead to dangerous reactions.
  • Direct Application to Water: Always add this product directly into the spa water, avoiding mixing it in a separate container first.
  • Uniform Distribution: With the spa's pump running and the filtration system active, evenly disperse this product across the surface of the spa water to ensure thorough mixing and effectiveness.
  • Regular and As-Needed Application: Apply this product to your spa on a weekly basis, following heavy usage, or whenever the water appears slightly hazy or lacks clarity. Increase the frequency of application if the spa is used frequently.

Application Procedure:

  1. Activate Circulation System: Start by turning on the spa's circulation system to ensure the water is moving and ready for treatment.
  2. Dosing Instructions: Add 1.5 ounces (equivalent to 2 tablespoons) of the product for every 200 gallons of spa water. Spread the product evenly over the water surface to promote uniform treatment.
  3. Circulation Post-Application: Keep the water circulating for at least 15 minutes after applying the product. This ensures the chemical is well-distributed throughout the spa.
  4. Safe to Use: The spa is safe for use 15 minutes after the product has been applied, allowing you to quickly get back to enjoying your spa.

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Ingredients & MSDS - SpaPure 5LB Oxidizing

Potassium monopersulfate:45% | Other ingredients:55%

There is currently no MSDS on-file for this product.

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