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Top 5 Must-Have Pool Cleaning Tools for a Sparkling Clean Pool

Top 5 Must-Have Pool Cleaning Tools for a Sparkling Clean Pool

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Maintaining a pool can feel like a daunting task- especially once that summertime heat starts to really kick in. However, with the right tools and equipment at your arsenal, it becomes a breeze. In this article, we'll go over the top pool cleaning tools that every pool owner should have in their arsenal. 

1. Telescopic Poletelescopic pole skimmer

The telescopic pole is the Swiss Army knife of pool cleaning tools. Versatile and extendable, it allows you to attach a variety of tools, such as skimmers, brushes, and vacuum heads, reaching every nook and cranny of your pool without breaking a sweat. Opt for a durable, lightweight material like aluminum to ensure longevity and ease of use.

2. Skimmer Net and Leaf Rakes

A skimmer net is indispensable for removing floating debris like leaves and insects, keeping the surface of your pool inviting and clear. That said- the type of skimmer you have will make a night & day difference depending on your landscape. For homeowners with minimal tree-coverage, a standard square-shape or smaller skimmer will certainly do the trick. For those with great tree canopies, though, you'll be much better off with a leaf rake. In essence, leaf rakes are just a netted or bagged skimmer, with a lip that allows you to 'scoop' leaves from the bottom of the pool much easier than with a traditional skimmer. This can be especially useful during the early pool season during your initial startup when there are typically more leaves & debris at the bottom of the pool. It can be a huge time-saver for pool cleanup after a storm. At EZ Pools, we would always recommend going with a leaf rake because of its more versatile use cases, but if you dont have much vegetation or trees in your backyard, there's a good chance you can just get away with a standard one.

3. Pool Brush

Algae and grime don’t stand a chance against a high-qualitypool brush pool brush. Weekly brushing of the pool walls and floor prevents algae buildup and removes dirt that the vacuum might miss. There are brushes for every pool type, so whether you have a plaster, tile, or vinyl pool, there’s a brush that’s right for you. Outside of day-to-day maintenance, your pool brush can be your best friend for special cases if you've got a plaster, gunite, or concrete pool- such as staining & scaling remediation. For plaster or concrete pools, we always recommend a stainless-steel brush as it can really help get that grime off the surface. For all other pool types, we'd recommend sticking with a nylon brush in order to avoid damaging your liner or surface.

4. Automatic Pool Vacuum

Arguably the best one in the list, an automatic pool vacuum is a game-changer for any pool owner. These self-operating wonders roam your pool floor, sucking up dirt, debris, and algae. They come in various styles to suit different pool types and budgets, from suction-side to robotic models. Investing in an automatic vacuum can save you a lot of time and effort in keeping your pool clean. Suction side cleaners attach to your pool skimmers or dedicated vacuum line, using the power of the pump to move the cleaner and collect debris. Pressure side cleaners work with the pressure side of your system, such as a return line, to propel the cleaner around and collect dirt in an attached bag or filter. Robotic cleaners are units that work completely on their own- scrubbing & vacuuming the entire pool (and sometimes the walls, too) while also filtering the water through their self contained filter box or bag. Investing in an automatic cleaner will allow you to spend less time on maintenance, and more time enjoying your pool. 

5. Water Testing Kitpool test strips

While not a cleaning tool per se, a water testing kit is indispensable in maintaining a safe and clean pool. Regular testing of your pool’s water chemistry helps you adjust chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and other chemical levels to prevent bacteria and algae growth. A balanced pool is a clean pool, so keep a testing kit handy and use it weekly. 

Wrapping Up: A Clean Pool is a Happy Pool

With these five essential pool cleaning tools, you’re well-equipped to tackle pool maintenance with confidence. Remember, consistent cleaning not only keeps your pool sparkling but also extends its life and ensures the safety of everyone who enjoys it. So, gear up, dive into your pool care routine, and enjoy the crystal-clear results of your efforts.

Embrace the joy of pool ownership without the hassle. With the right tools by your side, maintaining your pool becomes less of a chore and more of a pleasure, leaving you more time to soak up the sun and make a splash with family and friends. Here's to endless days of clear, clean swimming bliss!